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Dear audience.

Thank you so much for being with us for this NøMad Tour 2023.

Here is part of the lyrics translated into English.

They are not all translated. Christophe will inform you when he sings the translated songs.

At the end of the concert, Christophe has a book that the public signs. He would be delighted to have a short note from you in his notebook.

And if you have photos, videos of the concert, don’t hesitate to send them to k@no-mad.ch. With your agreement, they will be used for stories or posts on Instagram and Faceboook

You can also follow NoMad on the following accounts:



Thank you very much.

We wish you a good concert.



To pack light
To not get attached
arid nomad
Endless spaces
Succumb to the charm
Celestial palaces
Howl melodies
Sunken sailor

A mythomaniac fairy
Liar tease

I always lie (I always get away with it)

Full tanks
Other encounters
Run away from the mermaid
Run away from the sirens
Don’t stop
Run the world
Rot the world

I always lie
I always run away



Your wish is my command
My desires are messy
away from the noise
Far away from cities
Far from the steamroller smoke
Far from here
Far from the islands
Far from liking weightlessness
The images of a life change colors
And gradually degrade

Last trip to Utopia
For us to believe
We don’t believe it
But we’re going back
Again and again
We wonder why

It’s profit time
It’s the time of contempt
Near you
Close to us
Close to the pride of the new elevators
Near what
Close to everything
Close to leaving weightlessness
The colors of life no longer have warmth
And the nuances play with envy


I would like to get high
Always higher
Touch the skies
Touch the skies

I would like to dive
At the bottom of the waters
Touch the blue

Visit silence and intoxication
From the depths
The phobias that haunt us
And we sink into the blue

I would like to fall
Always lower
hit bottom
hit bottom

I would like to get high
At the bottom of the waters
Touch the blue

SONOMÈTRE (A song for my tinnitus)

It’s raining wind on my eardrums
You broke me inside
Witness to a deafening world
I dance with a hundred thousand bees

I fly supersonic
Attached to the reactors
I constantly feed you
Sneak you don’t even listen

Absent from the silences
Such beautiful decibels
Hammer in rhythm
The grief of migraines

You amplify when I turn you off
Unbearable sound mess
Companion in perpetuity
Often I only hear you

Absent from the silences
Faithful decibels
harass in cadence
The Path of Migraines


And if the passing of time makes me happy
With the pain of telling me that we are two
Without the strange feelings
With the dust still in your eyes
Who darkened the rules of our games
Without the strange feelings

We tell ourselves that one day everything will be better
When the silences will become less numerous
Without the strange feelings
To hide our faults is not glorious
Our face to face become disastrous
Without these strange feelings

And if the time that passes away from your eyes
Give me the strength to rise to the skies
With the strange feeling
To leave forever without a goodbye
You won’t know I’m going silent
With the strange feeling
I will leave forever unhappy
With this strange feeling


With my friend Sandro
A crazy winter
I shot my mop of hair
One night in Karacas

Tar in the feathers
Two wheels on the asphalt
I was following in the footsteps
Ferocious Kracoucass

In the filthy shallows
Forsaken by the gods
Evil Buddies
Call me Rascar Kapac

But my name is Kristof with a K

The stairs lead me
At the gates of paradise
Hanging on to the fakir
I’m flying over Kashmir

On a rusty boat
A blindfold on the nose
I daydream and imbibe
Karibbean rum

Hurt by injustice
I crack without artifice
My friends these heroes
Call me Kaliméro

But my name is Kristof with a K

In my childhood dreams
Don’t get big
Off topic friends
Call me Kap’tain Krochet




I searched in the wind
A picture of you
Twilight of Torments
I missed you sometimes

I killed my passions
Embraced by demons
To get out of the mirage
Caress your face
My Sister of the Moon
Accomplice of misfortune

I want to run away up there
Take away my sobs
This Martian memory
Without memory you are nothing

Fifteen years of looting
Immersed in the clouds
To return to Earth
Seven lonely lives
But I don’t want to wake up
This waking dream



No one has known the bottom of the Sea of Foam
Hidden unknown in the grayness of bitterness
In silence move forward on the leaves of summer
Dead in autumn we forgive them For letting us down

No one has searched the Swamp of Epidemics
For fear of gouging out your eyes open in agony
Only crumbs of innocence remain
On the platter served too early
Much too early

No one found the Lake of Perseverance
Dry desert without total indifference
Why avoid choppy shoals
Lower your arms, say to yourself in a low voice
That it’s useless